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The Democratic nominee for president wouldn't have been able to vote, much less run for president, before 1920—just like the current president wouldn't have been able to vote in much of the country before 1965 and definitely would've been someone's property before 1865.

So there's some historic shit going down this year, ladies and gentlemen and nonbinarians, and if that's not enough to inspire you to vote, then you're dead inside. ) Depending on where you live—and whether we can count good—you'll find nearly 40 other races and initiatives and amendments on this year's ballot. You're gonna have to wade through nearly a dozen other items first. Thanks to Republicans, all recent attempts to raise the state minimum wage above the current .47 via legislative action have failed.

Today the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced who will have to comply with its proposed drone or unmanned aircraft system (UAS) registration rules. And they have decided that the registry will be retroactive.

Donald Trump is ramping up the apocalyptic rhetoric, promising to jail his opponent (if he wins) and calling the election rigged (if he loses), and encouraging his deranged supporters to show up at polling places "you know where" and to hunt down, as one of his supporters put it, "anyone who doesn't speak American." (Dear Deplorables: American is not a language.

It's not a traumatic brain injury, either, but anyone who's seen video of a Trump rally would be forgiven for thinking otherwise.) We're only going to say this once: You gotta vote. So sue us.) And here's something you can discuss with your friends after your post-voting high kicks into gear: How did our political dialogue go from "We hold these truths to be self-evident" to a GOP nominee bragging about the size of his cock, a Democratic nominee being physically menaced during a presidential debate, and two candy companies being forced to make their positions on racism and sexual assault clear?

Because the rest of the country is relying on solid blue states like Washington, Oregon, and California, and because if Donald Trump somehow does manage to win——this could be your last chance to vote. (You didn't imagine any of that, stoner, .) Your ballot is in your mailbox. People died to win the right to vote, so don't fucking whine at us about having to buy a stamp.

Taking up the option would allow public agencies such as hospitals and the police to access the city’s household registry and allow either partner to give consent for emergency surgery in the absence of the other’s relatives or legal representatives.

▼ Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai’s controversial music video adapted from a real-life story depicts the woes of same-sex partnership in the case of a medical emergency. v=C7h Hof DW2ts Although some net users have commented that the administration seems rather meaningless since it does not change anything in terms of legal rights, supporters of the cause have expressed that even though it is more of a symbolic move, they are glad that the city has taken this small step, and are hoping that the law will eventually be more accepting towards same-sex partnerships.

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In May, Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City took the first step towards administrating same-sex partnerships, and now Taipei City follows in Kaohsiung’s footsteps to become the second city in Taiwan to offer same-sex partnership registrations.

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