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Hermaphrodites with Attitude was published on thirteen occasions over an eleven year period.The first issue appeared in Winter 1994, comprising 6 pages of articles, analysis and case studies, including articles by people with lived experience, activists, doctors and academics.

ISNA gave a statement saying that "at present, the new standard of care exists as little more than ideals on paper, thus falling short of its aim[s]" to fulfill its goals.

In fact, as Sherri Groveman pointed out in her article in Intersex in the Age of Ethics, if you do the math, you realize that there are more intersexed people in the world than there are Jewish people!

And if all of the intersexed people of voting age had voted for a single presidential candidate, the outcome of the election would have never been in doubt.

This shift in name of the journal reflected a significant shift in the goals of ISNA.

Initially, Emi Koyama states that "not only did intersex activists appropriate the medical label "intersex" as part of their identities, they also liberally used the word "hermaphrodite," which is now considered offensive, for example by naming the newsletter of Intersex Society of North America "Hermaphrodites With Attitude" and demonstrating under that name." Koyama argues that the intersex movement could not succeed with that label in addressing peer support needs, while identity politics drew in a different set of goals and interests.

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We appreciate this testament to the interconnectedness and continuity of human rights consciousness and discourse, and we are deeply grateful for and commend all those who paved the way before us, such as the brave individuals speaking candidly and eloquently in this early film, and all those working today to make the world a more loving, accepting place for intersex people.

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