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The superstore reached a deal with Morgan a year after the deadly accident on the New Jersey Turnpike that killed his friend, comedian James 'Jimmy Mack' Mc Nair, and left the Saturday Night Live alumnus severely injured. Kerrie, is an older lady who flirts with married men. She will hug your man, smile and try to get his attention. There were times Mick did not allow Kerrie at his house, because my cousin was there. The affair she and her lover Mick carried on caused so much pain to so many people. Mick cheated on his first wife with several besides Kerrie. Micks’s own son will not even allow Kerrie around the family! I sure would hate for Kerrie to know that Mick has been and still is seeing my cousin who is my BFF the whole time he has been with her. Her first she had a man gave her everthing, provider, husband, father of her children but she wanted him to give up his beleif he was called to preach. Kerri ended up in an affair with a known older gentleman Mickey Burton, in Kingsport, married, father and worked with this mans wife!! She tramped around then remarried the Mickey again! It seems that she tried to move in on several other men while married. She has been married 3 times maybe 4 now, I am unsure. She is a selfish woman, self centered, who is lonely and runs back to her Mickey after tramping around.

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My BFF works in same office as Kerrie and at that church no one wants him even in the parking lot!!!! They have married each twice, divorced each twice and now seeing each other again.

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