Updating adobe reader in the enterprise

Are you talking about Acrobat (Pro) or Adobe/Acrobat Reader?

In the second case, you would not get the "official" download file from Adobe (because that is just a (IMHO extremely crappy) install manager.

The application opens faster and has a tabbed interface, which allows multiple PDF files to be open in the same session.

When I installed the program on a laptop in a pinch, I was pleasantly surprised at the speed and overall functionality.

Adobe makes this a pretty quick and painless process.

It typically takes less that 24 hours to get the agreement back. At this point you should be able to upload your custom Adobe reader MSI to your deployment tool of choice and deploy with ease. It uninstalls all previous versions and then installs the current version.

The thing I couldn't figure out was how to quickly get the reader application out to multiple users. When I landed on the page for applying to download the enterprise version, I expected to get an email from the sales team with a cost per user.

You can download the Reader XI installer from for Windows 7; it should install fine on Vista. Direct links to Adbe Rdr11006_en_removed - see Forum rules and guidelines. # Click the Windows logo orb on the taskbar and choose Control Panel.Basic Silent Install Commands MSI: /I adberdr11000_en_/qn EXE: Adberdr11000_en_/msi EULA_ACCEPT=YES REMOVE_PREVIOUS=YES /qn (This will install silently, uninstall any previous versions of Reader, auto-accept the eula, and upgrade to the latest.) Other potential Command Line switches are below: /s All Silent Mode for product /s PB Silent Mode with Progress Bar for product /rs Reboot Suppress /rps Reboot Prompt Suppress /ini "PATH" Alternative initialization file /sl "LANG_ID" Set Language; LANG_ID - Code in decimal digits /l Enable Error Logging.Log file will be generated in temp directory /msi[Command line] Parameters for MSIEXEC Hi, We're in the process of cleaning up over 14 different older versions of Adobe Reader from our environment. 1) Apply for a free license to distribute 2) Download the MSI: ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/11.x/11.0.00/en_US/ msiexec /i "Adbe Rdr11000_en_US.msi" /qn DISABLE_ARM_SERVICE_INSTALL=1 DISABLEDESKTOPSHORTCUT=1 Installs Adobe Reader 11 without Automatic Updates and the annoying desktop shortcut Also, if you want to disable the protected mode because it slows down opening your PDF files, Disable it in the registery here: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\Feature Lock Down] "b Protected Mode"=dword:0 No. Once you put that into Kace, it does NOT turn off the auto update.I give up - where it says my plugins need updating, it's listed as Adobe Acrobat, but when I save it to my downloads & click to run the program, it says Adobe Reader!And as my Adobe is the 10.1.9 version, I'm just going to leave it alone & ignore the update notice. ''' I give up - where it says my plugins need updating, it's listed as Adobe Acrobat, but when I save it to my downloads & click to run the program, it says Adobe Reader!


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